Q. What is 5Banners.com?

A. 5Banners is a website that wants to become the No. 1 reference gallery for HTML5 Banner templates. Our Goal is to provide ready and easy to use solutions for people who want to create professional looking banner ads. What we offer is a new opportunity in innovative templates that will help you increase traffic to your website, by promoting new interactive Banners for advertising and other purposes.

Q. Who Can Use 5Banners?

A. 5Banners are ideal for just about anybody who needs a quick way to create animated content. You may be an experienced web designer or somebody who has no skills in web animation. We have simplified the process for creating your content, to a straightforward replacement of images.

Q. How can I purchase a Template?

A. We offer a variety of purchase options you can choose from. You can buy a single template to be used for 1 destination URL or opt for the source file and get permission to use the template for unlimited uses.

We also provide the option of an annual subscription plan so you may download as many templates as you like and also be eligible to download our newest designs as soon as they become available.

Q. Is it possible to check out how 5Banners work before purchase?

A. Yes it is. You can see a demo of the animation templates we have created before you proceed to make any purchase. We also provide a free template you can download to help you get familiar with the way 5Banners work.

Q. Do I need dedicated software to use 5Banners Templates?

A. No you don’t. In fact you can customize our templates almost without using any software whatsoever! Simply replace the image files you find in our template folder with you own edit the destination URL of your ads via notepad, re- zip the file and you are done!

Q. Can I modify other elements/animations of the Template?

A. Yes you can. If you purchaseReadyBanners© Source Files templates you may experiment with it as you see fit.

All templates are compatible and can be edited with Tool. Click on logo to learn more.

Q. Are your Templates compatible with AdWords?

A. Yes they are. Our templates comply with Google AdWords regulations for animation effects and template sizes for the Display Network.

5Banners is not responsible if your ads get disapproved by Google concerning display network or other violations, we can only ensure you that our Templates are compatible (approved) in the form you have received them. Purchase of a template constitutes buyer responsible to comply with advertising regulation set by Google Inc. after any changes are made to the template. 

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